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Macaco Akrobatik

Empowering you to live a more active & meaningful life.

Movement Teacher Training

Movement Teacher Training

The Movement Teacher Training is THE professional qualification & training for career changers, physiotherapists, sports scientists, yogis, dancers and Movement enthusiasts who want to realign their career or enrich their work with a holistic Movement practice.

Jonathan Schmid Training

Jonathan Schmid Training

The Jonathan Schmid Training offers process-oriented movement training for long-term development and health maintenance that  follows a generalist approach. In addition, our work should serve as a self-awareness and development practice, which is about more than just increasing your own fitness.



We at KINWIRE develop innovative "KineticTools" for 3-Dimensional Training. RopeFlow engages the body and mind and cultivates a much more active lifestyle. Sustainable and handmade in Cologne, Germany. Get 5% off with my discount code "DANIELSPROJECT".

Kaifu Lodge Fitnessstudio Hamburg

Kaifu Lodge

The gym in the heart of Hamburg Eimsbüttel, between Eppendorf and Sternschanze. With over 284 courses per week, 7 studios with over 50 different course contents, 7000sqm training area, squash, sauna & the possibility to swim, we are THE gym in Hamburg with the largest offer!

Our Movement Ecosystem

Human-centered Movement & Exploration Services

Handstand Workshop, Unterrichten

Movement Education

Movement THE tool for personal transformation.

We offer different individual services to convey our teachings:

1:1 Personal Training, Workshops, Movement Summits & the Movement Teacher Training.

Eisbaden in der Gruppe in einem Eisloch

Winter Camps

The cold is an amazing teacher for your body, mind & soul.

Explore your physical & mental comfort zone, find ways to combat stress and dive into a part of your self that you haven't found before.

Eine Gruppe am Sommerabend

Movement & Experience Camps

An adventure travel without access to any phones & techs, as well as no access to time.

Learn more about helpful tools for your everyday life and live inside a bubble for five days.

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