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My offers are helping people to create a more active and meaningful life by reshaping their own narratives and expanding the boundaries of their physical and mental comfort zones.

How we are going to shape this process of personal growth together is purely individual, but we are going to find a way that suits YOU and your ENVIRONMENT of family, friends, job and everyday life.

daniel's project | Offers

Movement & Coaching

It doesn't matter if you are new to Movement, you are already experienced or you are even a teacher as well - there are plenty of opportunities to study with me. Are YOU ready to experience something new?.

B2B Solutions

 New kinds of demands on the working environment as well as health problems and lack of movement at the workplace are present more than ever.
How can YOUR company
actively meet these challenges?

Summer & Winter Camps

This experience will be different than you might expect - and probably different than anything you've ever experienced before!
Two different kinds of vacation if YOU are in your 20's or 30's.

Happy clients

What they're saying

"Daniel has helped me integrate many useful practices from his courses into my daily life. In addition to some specific methods and approaches for my training, he was also able to provide plenty on an interpersonal level. I will continue to use the courses in Daniel's repertoire that positively shape my athletic endeavors and lifestyle in the future."

Kai Krause
Summer Camps, Workshops & Group Training

"Daniel is not only behind one of the most ambitious online movement learning platforms, but the content he shares through his media and the toolkits as well are top-tier. What truly makes it special for me though, is his personal touch: he is above all else, relatable, humble, and a truly kind soul."

Miguel Sanchez
The ComMOVEity & Online Coaching

„Due to my previous injury my handstand training was usually cut short due to wrist pain. Daniel helped me adjust my hand positioning and increase my wrist mobility and strength to allow for intense and pain free sessions. Together with the other cues and progressions I'm now able to take my training to the next level.“

Pitt Lucht
Workshops & Group Training

Event for teachers & coaches

15th to 19th September 2022

Movement Coaches Summit

A business and movement event for current and future movement teachers & coaches. Fostering an exchange of best practices, how to make money in a self-employed environment, marketing, teaching & coaching skills and more.

Event for beginners

24th September 2022

Handstand Workshop

Beginner Handstand workshop at Kaifu Lodge Hamburg. If you want to dive deeper into the Handstand world and you want to learn to balance upside-down, this is a workshop for you. Still a few spots left - more info and sign-up here.

Event for beginners

15th October 2022

Body.Mind.Flow Workshop

A workshop in collaboration with Malte Krohn. Together we are going to find our own flow. Floorwork, organic movements, a first dive into supporting acrobatics, partnering and more. Still a few spots left - feel free to join us on this journey. Info and sign-up here.

Event for beginners & intermediate

TBA in October/November 2022

Movement for Dancers

A complementary workshop for hobby & professional dancers. Building strength and structure within supporting acrobatic movements, such as the Macaco, Forward Cartwheels, Handstands and more. More info coming soon.

Movement Coaches Summit, Personal Training, Group Training, Workshops, Online Coaching, Mentorship Program, The ComMOVEity, B2B Solutions, Winter & Summer Camps.

Daniel Peters

Ottenser Haupstraße 46

22765 Hamburg

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