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Training VLOGs

Get an insight into my training sessions, my experiences and reflections - from warming up to cooling down.

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Training Recovery Series

An extensive series (nine videos) about the topic of managing fatigue and recover from training - nutrition, sleep, meditation, active recovery, cold exposure and much more.

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Ring Strength Tutorials

Ring forward rolls, muscle-up's, skin the cat, pull-up's, dips and much more - with proper progressions for everyone.

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Movement Projects

I present various Mobility & Flexibility projects - from planning to execution, feedback and learning to results, it's all there.

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Training Theory

Want to learn more about training theory? Important terms, standards and anatomy basics are covered in these videos.

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Handstand Series

A four video series on how to learn a handstand. With important theory & principles, strength elements, mobility elements, kick-up and balance.

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