Three Workshop concepts of mine that I've developed in the last few years can be found here. All concepts include not only the practical material from the Workshop, but also additional theoretical material for participants who are interested in continuing to work and practice after the event.

If you are interested in a concept and want me to teach a Workshop at your facility, do not hesitate to reach out!

Additional note:

It may happen that a Workshop has to be cancelled at short notice. In this case, full refunds will be given for the ticket cost only (no flights or accommodation).


Personal details will be collected at the workshop in accordance with COVID contact-tracing and destroyed after the appropriate time.

I support any individual’s wish to keep distance or wear a mask during class. Please be advised, however, that the proposed material includes physical-contact partner-work. If you do not wish to be touched, simply let me know so I can offer you alternative methods.

Movement Principles Workshop

A three days workshop designed for advanced movement practitioners, movement teachers & people that want to start teaching movement. We are going to dive deeper into principles that foster a learning environment and profound principles are crucial for our movement/physical practice.

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Handstand Workshop

This workshop is designed for beginners and also for practitioners with a little bit of experience in handstand training. All the important theoretical, strength and mobility aspects, as well as balance and the kick-up will be taught in this workshop, so that the participant gains the ability of designing a handstand training according to their own needs.

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Basic Strength Workshop

This workshop is an introduction to upper and lower body bodyweight strength training. Designed for beginners and intermediate practitioners that are interested in improving their theoretical training knowledge as well as bringing their training and the execution of bodyweight exercises to the next level. 

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