I want to create value for people and connect with people. Right now, writing this, I have several plans for the future.

  • Organizing and hosting Intensives for people (a mix between a bootcamp and a retreat)

  • Creating a YouTube channel about the philosophical I've presented in the About section. Mainly physical training, nutrition, sleep, meditation, principles, and so on.

  • Organizing and hosting workshops

  • Writing texts about different topics

  • Maybe creating a sort of mentorship program

That's it for the time. Now go on and browse through my website and hopefully you'll have a bit more of an idea of what my εἶδος could be. If you find some value in here, want to connect, share ideas or want to offer opportunities for a possible collaboration in any way (because I don't know yet), do not hesitate to contact me via contact & ideas.

Daniel <3

Image by Randy Jacob