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Team-Building Workshop

"The whole is more than the sum of its parts." - Aristotle

From 1 and 1 should not arise 2, but 3. Not the mere meeting of individual people, but also social and purposeful links between them form something that we nowadays call a team. The goal of this workshop is to strengthen and develop both parts so that a non-measurable, third part emerges. This part is being built when the team acts as a homogeneous structure, conflicts are addressed openly and the individual grows beyond himself. 

The three basic elements - awareness, trust and individual appreciation - form the basis of this workshop.




Being aware of yourself and of your team members is critical. Do I know my own wishes and needs and those of my fellow team members? Can I express them clearly to my colleagues? 

Goal: Cultivate compassion and empathy



Trust creates connections between people. Am I a good and active listener? Do I communicate with others in a respectful way? Creating a safe environment where everyone can share thoughts openly and honestly is the goal.



Individual Appreciation

Assessing competencies correctly and assigning roles accordingly allow us to flourish. Do I know my own strengths and weaknesses? What are my team members particularly good at?

Goal: Perceive and communicate competencies


This workshop is designed for business companies who are interested in long-lasting changes within their team. An intensive getting to know each other on a human level forms the foundation for performance-oriented teams.


For more information, prices, detailed workflow and content, please send me a message via the contact form. I will respond within a few working days.

Image by AbsolutVision

A small compilation of some of the partner games during the Team-Building workshop for Airbus.


In October 2021, a workshop took place for the executives of the maintenance team from the Airbus site in Stade, Northern Germany. 
Being responsible for Team-Building part, I created a workshop concept for 12 people. The focus was a team competition consisting of various physical and cognitive skill games. There was a lot of laughing, sweating, swearing and everyone was challenged individually at times. The workshop ended with a breathing meditation that is a good tool for stress management. What a wonderful event!

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