Image by Chang Duong

Team-Building Summer Camps

3 full days / 4 nights on an old farm in Northern Germany. Without a phone, without a clock, just you and your team. Group games, team competitions, discussion boards, meditation, stress management, resilience practices, and more.
A very special kind of team-building event. 



Your team is  accomodated on an old farm in Northern Germany near the village Schafstedt. Although you have access to a large apartment, including a kitchen and a bathroom, you will be camping on the farm during our entire stay. This is part of the experience and supports the cohesiveness of the group even more. Nevertheless, if the weather is going crazy (thunderstorm, heavy rain, etc.) you have the option to sleep in the apartment. Most of the days will be spent outside on the lawn or under the roof of the open barn where you will also eat, play different team-building games and have interesting group discussions.

Team-Building Summer Camp - Preview

Being outside in nature on the farm, living without a smartphone for a couple of days, holding team competitions, learning about stress management and self reflection practices are the pillars of the Team-Building Summer Camps.

Image by Benjamin Davies


Spending time a lot of time outside in nature is an excellent possibility to escape from your fast-paced everyday and professional life.

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