Summer Camps - A Time Full Of New Experiences 

This experience will be different than you might expect - and probably different than anything you've ever experienced before! We will spend 4 full days/5 nights (plus arrival and departure day) on an old farm in Northern Germany near the North Sea without any electronic devices and without a clock. Your electronic devices (smartphone, laptop, etc.) and your watch will be collected on the day of arrival and will of course be returned to you at the end of the trip. The Summer Camp is a counterexample to the fast-paced western culture we all live in. No appointments, no duties, no errands to run - we can just focus on ourselves and nothing else.

Our days will be filled with movement, meditation & breath work, self-reflection practices, partner & group games, ice bathing, discussion boards, and much more. You will learn a lot, not only from the group and me, but also from yourself. Don't be afraid, you will discover a whole new side of yourself and you will meet like-minded and interesting people. Find more in-depth information below, check out the FAQ and/or watch the Summer Camp 2021 Aftermovie.

Please keep in mind that the Summer Camps are not Training Camps. The daily program depends on the group and the physical abilities of the participants. Don't worry, your fitness level doesn't matter.


We are accomodated on an old farm in Northern Germany near the village Schafstedt. Although we have access to a large apartment, including a kitchen and a bathroom, we will be camping on the farm during our entire stay. This is part of the experience and supports the cohesiveness of the group even more. Nevertheless, if the weather is going crazy (thunderstorm, heavy rain, etc.) we have the option to sleep in the apartment. We spend most of the days on the lawn or under the roof of the open barn where we also eat, play different games and have our group discussions.

Food & Catering

The prices for the Summer Camp include two meals (breakfast & dinner) plus drinks and snacks. There will be no alcohol - but coffee, tea and soda in the evening. Each time before breakfast and dinner, we will put together a kitchen team that cooks a delicious meal for the group. We have access to whole foods, which are organic and mostly from regional sources. Either we have a barbecue and/or vegan-vegetarian meals in the evening. Don't worry if you are vegan, vegetarian and/or you have any food allergies. Just let me know beforehand and everything will be fine. 

Trip Details

The prices quoted include food and drinks. Your arrival and departure is not included. I am happy to help with the organization of carpools. If you want to come by train, please travel to Itzehoe, where a group member can pick you up. In exceptional cases, I can pick you up as well. The Summer Camps have a maximum number of participants of 10.

Cancellation of the trip must be made in writing 21 days before the start of the trip, in which case 50% of the fee will be refunded. In case of cancellation within three before the start of the trip, no refund is possible. In both cases you have the possibility to transfer your booking to another person of your choice. In case the trip cannot take place due to COVID-19 regulations (contact restrictions, border closure for people from abroad, etc.) you will get your money back - or you can choose an alternative date. A travel cancellation insurance that covers the case of illness is recommended.

An Example Day

Morning Routine - Going for a walk, light moving and stretching, meditation, daily journaling for self-reflection


Training - Using different concepts and principles for building an intelligent and healthy body, cool-down and breakfast


Juggling and partner games, rest and free time for reading or own activities, small snack


Writing a letter to your past self or to your future self


Discussion board - example topic: "What is maturity?" 
Lecture about Robert Kegan's Theory of Adult Development


Possible evening routine (different practices for stress reduction and relaxation), dinner and a good night of sleep





22 June - 27 June 2021

4 full days / 5 nights in nature far away from the fast-paced western culture. Living in our own bubble with like-minded individuals. Great experiences are bound to happen. 10% off for Alumnis.





20 August - 25 August 2021

4 full days / 5 nights in nature far away from the fast-paced western culture. Living in our own bubble with like-minded individuals. Great experiences are bound to happen. 10% off for Alumnis.






Steffen Neelsen
Project Manager

"The camp provides a wonderful break from everyday life. The mix of cognitive and athletic exercises was a great experience. Especially the encouraging discussions with the other participants was something I enjoyed very much. I am looking forward to take part in the camp in the upcoming year."


Kai Krause
Process Engineering Student

"The summer camp was a completely new experience for me. Even though I didn't know what to expect, the camp more than exceeded my expectations. Daniel has delivered a masterpiece organizationally and as a "leading figure", which is why I am looking forward to being part of this extraordinary experience again in the next year."


Marvin Ciancia
Strategy Consultant

"It's amazing how much I learned from Daniel's Summer Camp. It was really the perfect combination of workouts, meditation and (mental) well-being. Through Daniel's concept, he created a strong group cohesion in a very short time, even though not everyone knew each other beforehand. Long story short: Many new perspectives and inspirations that made me think and will have a positive impact on me and my life - huge recommendation."


Marcus Meschede
Physics Student

"Freed from the knowledge of and adherence to exact time we relaxed and quickly bonded together as a group. Challenging my body and mind, I left the camp with new insights and overall joy."


Jannik Krohn
Process Engineering Student

"If you want to escape from everyday life and want to learn something about yourself, you should take part in Daniel's camp. This includes five days of not knowing what time it is. It creates an incredible feeling of freedom. With this freedom and alongside the intense discussion rounds and the team games, a profound group cohesion was created. We as a group have already signed up for next year!"


Dominik Laber
Master Joiner & Teacher

"Daniel's Summer Camp was a great inspiration for me. The guided discussions and the self-reflection sessions encouraged me to think about some things differently. The trips together and sports sessions provided a good balance. A successful mix of cognitive and physical stress. Although I didn't know any of the other participants before, I said goodbye to good friends at the end. Thank you for the inspiration!"


Jan-Erik Neelsen
Labor Market Manager

"The many impressions from the camp participants and Daniel gave me a lot of inspiration for my everyday life. It gave me the perfect conditions to challenge myself physically and mentally on the one hand, but also to slow down from everyday life on the other hand."