"Creating a meaningful life through a practice of learning, exploration and growth."

Sailboat Metaphor.jpg

Adapted Sailboat Metaphor (click here to see the original by Scott Barry Kaufmann)


The illustration above serves as a metaphor to visualize the philosophy of daniel's projectWhile the Sailboat Metaphor by Scott Barry Kaufmann is an adapted metaphor for the pyramid-shaped hierarchy of needs by Abraham Maslow in the realms of psychology, I have used this as an inspiration to visualize my own way of thinking and living. 
Basically we are all sailboats in the ocean of life, the sea can be calm and peaceful or stormy and even painful. As life, the sea is erratic and unpredictable. We are both spectators and actors on the stage of life. 

As the illustration depicts, sleep is the bedrock of our existence alongside three more fundamentals such as nutrition, breathing and energy work (awareness practices such as meditation and contemplation plus recovery and rest). But to move in the right direction towards a meaningful life (namely growth), we do not only need a hull, but also sails that represent the potential for momentum (see also the article by Scott Barry Kaufmann). Growth is closely linked to Learning and Exploration, which are key factors in my life. Having a physical practice and a cognitive practice (both sails) for a continuous development of the self are playing a decisive role in which direction we are moving. Furthermore, the εἶδος (greek: Eidos - the essence, formula - see below) of the sailboat is what makes the sailboat the sailboat - namely principles we live by and interrelationships between all the building blocks of the sailboat are what defines us as humans. To connect with others and finding people (other sailboats) who are pursuing the same direction is a wonderful way to go. 

What is the meaning of life? I am pretty sure that most of you have asked this themselves at one point in life. And you are not the only ones. Many philosophers and brilliant thinkers of the past and present have tried to answer this question. I believe it is somewhere in the practices above. It is in the εἶδος (greek: Eidos - essence, formula), the interrelationships of all of these together. There could be more, but I don't know - yet. 

I have chosen the name daniel's project because:

According to PMBOK Guide 2008 a project is a "a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result." Additionally, a project is often cost or time constrained. Applied to the definition "I want to use the resources at my disposal, my body & mind, to create a meaningful life - not just for me but also especially for others." Looking back onto my life when facing death and having a pleased smile on my face is the way to go.


What I am offering, namely Workshops, Open Resources in forms of articles and YouTube videos, Summer Camps, and The ComMOVEity should bring value to the people who are interested. I am not selling bullshit, quick fixes or anything on a superficial level. The terms Training, Learning and Exploration are synonymous with high quality and my work is designed to create new perspectives and long lasting changes.

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