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Hey you, welcome to my website! My name is Daniel Peters and because I want to create a small connection between you and me here is a little story about my work and me.
After realizing that the professional values at my engineering workplace and my personal values were far apart, I decided to make a dream come true: To help people expand their own physical and mental comfort zones and support them to get new perspectives along the way.
 Many things that I did almost every day for the last few years, such as:
- Movement & physical training

- Meditation & breath work

- Ice bathing & cold showers

- as well as a healthy & balanced diet

I could finally integrate in teaching others.

Especially on the questions of how my clients can integrate more movement into their everyday life and how they can be more mindful with themselves in times of stress, we try to find suitable answers together.

In today's world, health plays a more important role than ever. It is important to take responsibility for your own health and to realize that turning small screws can make a big difference. Let's walk this path together!

Philosophy of My Work

What I offer is meant to add value to the lives of interested people. I don't sell bullshit, quick fixes or anything on a superficial level. The terms Training, Learning and Exploration represent high quality and my work is focused on opening up new perspectives and creating sustainable change within my clients.

1. Movement

For me, Movement means to live and life is Movement. Furthermore, the term Movement in my approach stands for being active, for change, curiosity, development and an ongoing process. Movement in all its forms is an expression of aliveness in all human and worldly spheres. We want to explore these forms and use them as a tool for self-experience and development. Our body is for us the starting point, the origin of experience and development.

2. Awareness

My work is not only creating awareness for yourself, but also awareness for others and your environment.
Usually, self-awareness is defined as „having a deep understanding of one's emotions, strengths, weaknesses, needs, and drives“ (Harvard Business Review), but we expand it to „being aware of one’s breath, one’s nervous system state, one’s posture and about one’s presence in the world“.Awareness is the key to being true to yourself.

3. Personal Growth

Personal growth is, although it is an on-going process, the consequence of our work together. You will change and you will become a different person over time.Using Movement and Awareness as tools in our work will inevitably make you deal with things you haven't thought of before. How can you deal with frustration? How can you change your reaction to stress? Are there ways to improve your sleep in order to feel more energized? What is a diet that fits you and not an external dogma? There are many more questions to deal with, but I promise - if you try to answer them step-by-step, you will gain a lot more than you loose.

4. Community

My vision is to connect like-minded people from all over the world. Community enhances our feeling of belonging, provides opportunities and support, fosters development of oneself and enhances our quality of life. The Summer & Winter Camps as well as the Movement Coaches Summit are offers that will connect you with different people from different backgrounds with different stories and experiences. We are social beings and it is my task to provide a space for making special experiences and connecting with others.

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