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Happy People

Marvin Ciancia

"It's amazing how much I learned from Daniel's Camp. It was really the perfect combination of training, meditation and (mental) well-being. Through Daniel's concept, he created a strong group cohesion in a very short time, even though not everyone knew each other beforehand. Long story short: Many new perspectives and inspirations that made me think and will have a positive impact on me and my life - huge recommendation."

Marcus Meschede

"Freed from the knowledge of and adherence to exact time we relaxed and quickly bonded together as a group. Challenging my body and mind, I left the camp with new insights and overall joy."

Leonie Peters

"The Camp exceeded all of my expectations. I arrived with the mere assumption that I am going to "like" it and after these days I left with the conviction that I will participate again. Daniel made the days flew by, filled with activities that widened my knowledge about mind & body. The dynamic of the group was amazing and everyone contributed their part to make every single one feel welcomed, included and at easy."

Dominik Laber

"Daniel's Camp was a great inspiration for me. The guided discussions and the self-reflection sessions encouraged me to think about some things differently. The trips together and sports sessions provided a good balance. A successful mix of cognitive and physical stress. Although I didn't know any of the other participants before, I said goodbye to good friends at the end. Thank you for the inspiration!"


Will I be allowed to bring my phone or other electronic devices to the Camp?

Yes, for sure! However, I will collect all technical devices and watches at the start of the Camp. Of course, you will get them back by the end of the Camp.

How will I keep track of time during the Camp?

You don't have to. etermines our daily routine and the program. And since we live in a bubble and you don't have to worry about anything, no time is needed.

Will there be bathrooms and showers available during the Camp?

Yes, there are bathrooms and showers in the house. However, if you want to take a shower outdoors, you can also do that.

Do I need to have prior experience with meditation or movement practices to join the Camp?

No, you don't need any prior experiences. The program will be adjusted to the participants. 

Will there be any downtime or free time during the Camp?

Yes, there will be plenty of free time during the Camp to recharge, to nap, to read or to connect with others. 

Will there be any opportunities to connect with other participants before the start of the Camp?

Yes, we are going to have a Zoom call before the Camp where you can get to know the other participants a bit better. If you wish, I can also connect you beforehand.


Movement & Experience Camp 2024


Date: TBA by the end of 2023
Maximum number of participants: 8

Note: If you think that you can offer me something valuable for the Camp or any other work related things in return, such as photography, marketing, video editing, etc. please contact me and we can find a financial solution that works for both of us. Furthermore, you can also ask if you can pay by installments.

Movement & Experience Camps 2023

Movement & Experience Camps

Disconnect to reconnect - join our Movement & Experience Camps for a mindful adventure!

Movement & Experience Camps

This experience will be different than you might expect - and probably different than anything you've ever experienced before! We will spend 4 full days/5 nights (plus arrival and departure day) on an old farm in Northern Germany near the North Sea without electronic devices and without a watch. Your electronic devices (smartphone, laptop etc.) and your watch will be collected on the day of arrival and of course returned at the end of the camp. The Movement & Experience Camp is a counter-example to the fast-paced western culture we all live in. No appointments, no chores, no errands - we can focus on ourselves and nothing else.

Our days are filled with movement, meditation & breathwork, self-reflection exercises, partner & group games, ice bathing, discussion sessions and much more. Over the days you will learn many new things, not only from the group and me, but also something about yourself. Don't be afraid, you will discover a whole new side of yourself and meet many interesting people. 


Please note that the Movement & Experience Camps are not pure training camps. The daily program is based on the group and the physical abilities of the participants. Don't worry, your fitness level doesn't matter.


We are staying on an old farm in northern Germany near the village of Schafstedt. Although we have access to a large apartment with kitchen and bathroom, we will be camping on the farm throughout our stay. This is part of the experience and supports the cohesion of the group even more. If the weather does go crazy (thunderstorms, heavy rain, etc.) we have the option of sleeping in the apartment. Most days we spend on the meadow or under the roof of the open barn, where we also eat, play different games and have our group discussions.


Prices for the Summer Camp include two meals (breakfast & dinner) as well as drinks and snacks. There will be no alcohol - but coffee & tea in the morning and lemonade in the evening. Each time before breakfast and dinner, we create a kitchen team to cook a delicious meal for the group. We have access to organic whole foods, mostly from regional sources. We either grill and/or cook vegan-vegetarian in the evening. Don't worry if you are vegan, vegetarian and/or have food allergies. Just let me know beforehand.

Travel Details

The prices quoted include food and drinks. Your arrival and departure is not included. I will be happy to help you organize carpools. If you want to travel by train, please go to Wangen or Hergatz, where a group member can pick you up. In exceptional cases I can also pick you up from the train station. The Winter Camps have a maximum number of participants of 8-10 people to ensure high quality and personal safe space.

Cancellation Details

Cancellation of the trip must be made in writing 21 days before the start of the trip, in which case 50% of the trip price will be refunded. In case of cancellation within three weeks before the start of the trip, no refund is possible. In both cases you have the possibility to transfer your booking to another person of your choice. If the trip cannot take place due to COVID-19 regulations (contact restrictions, border closure for people from abroad, etc.), you will get your money back - or you choose an alternative date. Travel cancellation insurance that covers illness is recommended.

Camping area in the morning.

Chill-out and practice area.

The barn where we have breakfast, dinner & the discussion rounds.

The witch's house next to our area.

The view from the barn towards the agricultural fields.

The view from the chill-out hill behind the camping area.

Our kitchen.

Our kitchen & living room.

Movement & Experience Camp - Location

Here you can find an overview of our location for the Movement & Experience Camp in Schafstedt, Germany.

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