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Movement Teacher Training

The Movement Teacher Training is THE professional qualification & training in hybrid form (both online and offline in person) for career changers, physiotherapists, sports scientists, yogis, dancers and movement enthusiasts who want to realign their career or enrich their work with a holistic movement practice.

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Personal Training

For people from Hamburg I offer Personal Training. One-to-one training always allows direct contact and individual support. 


With one-to-one training in person, I put a lot of emphasis on creating an environment in which you feel comfortable and safe. The choice and structure of topics depends on the person.


Handstand, Basic Strength, Movement Principles, Planes Work & Acrobatics, Body.Mind.Play & Body.Mind.Flow Workshops are taking place throughout the year. Please send me an e-mail if you want me to teach a Workshop in your city.

Raphael Hafez


The Coaches Summit 2022 was a wonderful and insightful experience in a beautiful Allgäu mountains atmosphere. I found the workshops and working methods of the participating coaches very interesting, to exchange ideas together, to learn and simply to have a good time. The organization was top and Daniel's enthusiasm contagious. A clear recommendation for every practicing coach and all those who would like to become one.

Dave Karczewski


My biggest added value was getting to know very inspiring people, 
who all share a passion and with whom one could exchange super well about it. 
As a complete newcomer in coaching, I was able to get deep insights into the practices of others.
Besides workshops around coaching and movement, there was very good food, valuable conversations, but also time to retreat and reflect.
All in all, I can say that this time will stay in my memory for a long time and that this Summit is
a great chance to bring yourself and your coaching to a new level. 
At the end of the day, it's all about community and that's exactly what you notice in the way people interact with each other there. I am glad to have been there and to have met every single person.

David Blattner


Community, co-working within the workshops and sharing a common direction are what made this Summit unique. Thank you Daniel for the wonderful organization and I'm already planning to join next year.

Jonathan Schmid


The Summit was a great coming together of people who share similar goals. The exchange was open and diverse. Everyone shared their past experiences and learned from those of others. That's what it's all about in the end: sharing and giving something from yourself, but also learning and taking something from others.

Simon Guggemos

I am still waiting for Simon's feedback, so for now this is his testimonial quote :)
- Daniel

Daniel Gabor


The Coaches Summit was a great event to connect with other like minded people that follow a similar path.
Talking to other coaches and sharing experiences helped tremendously to get more clarity and structure for my coming projects.

Movement Coaches Summit

The Movement Coaches Summit takes place one to two times a year in the Allgäu mountain region in the south of Germany. As most of us teaching & coaching and those that want to start teaching & coaching work alone by themselves, we do not have colleagues in a classical sense that we can exchange with, that we can ask and that support us. 

It's all about the people! Furthermore, to have a strong network of other teachers & coaches is crucial nowadays. How can you avoid mistakes that others already did in their past? How can we learn from each others experiences and benefit from them? These are some of the goals of the four day Movement Coaches Summit: to connect, to learn, to laugh, to experience, to educate and to have a good time.


Movement workshops, such as an educational Movement Principles workshop (in practice and theory with work tasks), Planes Work & Acrobatics workshops and Fundamentals of Strength Training by Jonathan Schmid, Business Opportunities workshop, Authenticity & Professionalism workshop, Training Structure & Online Coaching workshop, Digital Movement Tools workshop.
Furthermore, we have plenty of time to rest, to relax, to spend time in nature, to exchange with others and to build a teaching & coaching network.

Event Details

The prices quoted include food and drinks. We serve whole foods from mostly organic and regional sources and we have a cook on site, who will take into account any allergies and diet forms. Plenty of snacks will be available throughout the day. Your arrival and departure is not included. I will be happy to help you organize carpools. If you want to travel by train, please go to Wangen or Hergatz, where a group member can pick you up. In exceptional cases I can also pick you up from the train station.

Cancellation of the event must be made in writing 28 days before the start of the event, in which case 50% of the event price will be refunded. In case of cancellation within four weeks before the start of the event, no refund is possible. In both cases you have the possibility to transfer your booking to another person that fits the event. If the trip cannot take place due to COVID-19 regulations (contact restrictions, border closure for people from abroad, etc.), you will get your money back - or you choose an alternative date. Travel cancellation insurance that covers illness is recommended.

Movement Coaches Summit

An event for current and future Movement teachers. How to structure your business, online coaching or group trainings? How can you be authentic, but professional at the same time while also making a living out of teaching and coaching others?

The Movement Coaches Summit brings clarity, creates a network and supports YOU in finding the right way.

Coming again in 2024

To ensure a high-quality time and lots of personal exchange, the maximum number of participants is limited to 10 people.
Discount available for alumni.
Note: If you think that you can offer me something valuable for the Camp or any other work related things in return, such as photography, marketing, video editing, etc. please contact me and we can find a financial solution that works for both of us.

Summit 2022 - Insights

In September 2022 the first Movement Coaches Summit took place. Current and future Movement coaches joined us for four days of movement & business workshops, education, plenty of traditional German food and more.
People came as strangers and left as colleagues.

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