Handstand Workshop

The Basic Strength Workshop is a concept that has emerged in the bigger frame of a general movement practice. I am not interested to be a specialist in any type of niche, what I am seeking is a general foundation of abilities that allows me to dig deeper into several disciplines from time to time. 

Are you interested in learning a handstand? Do you want to dig deeper into acrobatics? Do you want to learn a pull-up, a push-up or even a handstand push-up? Do you want to improve your Parkour skills? There is one similarity in all these questions: a certain level of basic strength is always needed. 

This workshop focuses on the relatively specific topic of Basic Strength, but whose principles and elements can be applied to many disciplines in a general way.

It is mainly about terminology, definitions, technical aspects, exercises, programming and structuring as well as a methodical approach.

The instructions are in German with the possibility to switch to English if any non-native speakers are present.

Scope Of Workshop Material

In the Workshop we are

- defining and talking about the terms "Strength" and "Training"

- covering the important terminology  and technical aspects of your strength training

- talking about important joints and muscles involved in upper & lower body strength training

- talking about ways to structure your training in a sustainable and efficient fashion

- going over different progressions for bodyweight exercises and skills (examples: push-up, pull-up, muscle-up, handstand, front & back lever, different forms of squats, etc.)

By the end of the Workshop you will receive a PDF file with all the information we have talked about in a condensed form.

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