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Human Inspirations

These human beings which I briefly introduce below, are friends & teachers, that I admire and get inspired by.

We often do not realize how frequently we got inspired by a myriad of things in our everyday lives.

Some of these inspirations opened up new perspectives, some of them made us aware of new possibilities, "cleared" our vision, helped us seeing something that we were unable to see at first glance, and motivated us to take action and to pursue a new path.

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Jonathan Schmid

Jonathan is not only one of my closest friends, but also a wonderful teacher of what he calls an "interdisciplinary life practice". His work ethic is very educational and as far as I know, he is the only teacher alongside Joseph Bartz, who is trying to grasp the bigger picture by integrating an external, environmental practice, which focuses on the relationship between humans and nature.


Tom Weksler

Tom is an artist and choreographer born in Israel. The way of expressing himself in words and movement are pretty much "out of the box" (what is even the box?) and a little mythical. His deep and profound understanding in dance, acrobatics and its principles and how he communicates this knowledge with other people makes his work magical.


Philip Schloemp

Philip is a movement practice teacher from Kiel, Northern Germany. While people in our western society are mostly externally oriented, Philipp is having a strong and foundational internal basis from which he expresses his ideas and work. His way of observing and listening is truly rare and very inspiring to me.


Wil Brown

Wil is a London-based teacher and practitioner of a widely spread physical practice. His charisma and the way of approaching and exploring the unknown as well as his self-reflective art of living is very appealing. I feel like he has one of the highest levels in terms of a general physical practice out there, which makes him a well-versed and inspiring human being. He is also a very good friend of mine.


Nil Teisner

Nil is a Munich-based teacher and creator of online courses about mobility, acrobatics & dance, and handstands. Especially the quality of his current immersion in the field of acrobatics & dance and his individual progress in the last few years it is inspiring to dive deeper and leaving the "generalization path" for a moment. 


Ludwig Hefele

Ludwig is a Parkour & movement teacher and practitioner from Munich. His unique style of Parkour together with incredible strength, handbalancing and flexibility abilities and his diligent work ethic are truly inspirational and not often seen among people.


Sarah Isabel Mohr

Sarah is a German dance teacher and therapist with Hispanic roots. Her immense experience in the field of dance and her nature of living life on a deeply emotional and sensitive level makes her not only an amazing teacher, but also a lovely friend you truly enjoy being around. Her unique way of expressing and teaching in metaphors and  analogies is still unbeaten till this day.


Flynn Disney

Flynn, a Croatia-based Parkour practitioner, is also a teacher and the founder of the Online Exploration Group. His autodidactic way of acquiring knowledge, the profound underlying structure of his work and his revolutionary approach to make Parkour and the topic of Exploration more tangible to people, are what makes him an inspiring human.