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Handstand Workshop

About The Workshop

For me, the handstand is a wonderful element to learn. In the process of learning the handstand, you will learn a lot more besides standing on your hands. Patience, frustration management, calmness and awareness are important human traits that will improve during the handstand practice.

What people say

I really got a lot out of the day today, I thought it was great that it was not just a pure handstand workshop, just the little thought-provoking impulses in between, such as the "take time and consciously do nothing after a learning session" really great. 

I'm now going into the Christmas holidays with a lot of new thoughts and ways of doing things, and I've already really got a lot of desire to train! 
YOU are also a totally great person! Keep up the good work and stay as open, warm and positive as you are today. 
I haven't been to many workshops yet, this was only my second one today. 
Apart from the fact that one is interested in a topic and gets new impulses, I also find it a wonderful feeling to get in touch with other, at first "strange" people, whom one then warmly hugs at the end of the workshop and simply had a great time together! You are key in this and hold the space for such encounters. 

Thank you thank you for such a beautiful workshop, I look forward to having the chance to be there again!

- Anna D.


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