Handstand Workshop

For me, the handstand is a wonderful element to learn. In the process of learning the handstand, you will learn a lot more besides standing on your hands. Patience, frustration management, calmness and awareness are important human traits that will improve during the handstand practice.

Workshop Content

The workshop is split up into four different parts. The first part is about important principles & theory we need to know when we want to learn a handstand. In the second part we will be talking about the necessary mobility and strength that is needed. Part three will cover the balancing part and the last part will cover the entry into the handstand - the split leg kick-up.

Target Audience

The Handstand Workshop is open for all kind of genders, people from all kind of disciplines and people with all sort of experiences. All exercises that we will be practicing can be adjusted according to your own physical abilities.
The workshop can be seen as an entry into the practice or, if you are already experienced as further training and used for new ideas/approaches in the respective discipline.

What Do I Need?

Make sure you come into the workshop relatively fresh and not too sore - it may be exhausting.

Please bring:
- A notebook and pen if you wish to retain information
- Enough fluids/snacks

- Comfy (and warm enough) clothes if the workshop is taken place outdoors

I can only recommend to bring something to write. Nevertheless, by the end of the workshop you will receive an E-Mail with all the information we have talked about in a condensed form.

Why Handstands?

The handstand is a cool thing, right? No doubt about that. So why not trying to learn it? It doesn't really matter if you are 18 years, 25 years or 45 years old, you can do it.

The workshop is designed to give you the proper information (on a theoretical and applicable level) for training on your own further down the line.


Handstand Workshop

Prices are individually calculated based on location, duration and depth of the workshop.
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