Image by Octavian Dan


This section provides an overview about current projects I am working on. Eventually some of them will be released when they are finished. If you want to find out more about something, or you would like to contribute anything valuable to one of them, please get in touch with me via the contact & ideas section. 


  • 5 ball juggling project: A learning process with one juggling video per week for the next months until 30 catches with 5 balls
    Started: 22nd of March 2021
    Expected end date: We will see


  • 4-day Summer Intensive project: Planning a 4-day summer intensive (a mix between bootcamp & retreat) for close friends at the North Sea. Still looking for a a covenient place to stay, so if you know something, send me an e-mail. 

This section contains some projects I have in my mind for the future. Whether these really will be actualized, I cannot yet say at this point in time.

  • Helicoptero Learning Project: Recording my Helicoptero learning process over a couple of weeks.

  • Creating a logo for daniel's project: I am not a graphic designer nor an illustrator, so if you are well-versed in the realms of art and have an idea - send me a message.


  • ​8 weeks mobility project: Comparing my mobility in 7 different positions by not training for it and only having a specific 15 minutes daily practice on 5 days a week
    Started: 15th of March 2021
    End date: 10th of May 2021
    Positions: Pancake, Standing Forward Fold, Middle Split, Front Split both Sides, Bridge, Active Shoulder Extension with Stick, Active Shoulder Flexion in a Tuck Handstand
    YouTube video will follow soon

Image by Justin Kauffman