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„Uns hat die Aktivität mit Daniel sehr gut gefallen. Es war eine erfrischende Team-Building Session mit Spaß, sportlichem Touch und Geschicklichkeit, die wir als sehr abwechslungsreich und bereichernd für Körper und Geist empfunden haben.“

Thomas Krohn & Team

Head of Maintenance, Airbus Stade

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Let's find the perfect solution for you and your team

On-Site Workshop

An on-site workshop is a deep dive into movement & awareness tools for humans working in a professional environment. This is a perfect solution for teams that want to take mental & physical health into their own hands.
Please contact me for more information.

"Movement Break"

A weekly movement break throughout one business day during the week is a rare special among companies these days. Within the movement break we are going to work with movement concepts that target physical relaxation, pain avoidance and a re-energizing of body & mind for the second half of the day.
Please contact me for more information.

Team-Building Camp

You and your team want to dive deeper into Team-Building, stress management, movement tools in a business environment and more? My Summer & Winter Camps (B2C) are also possible in modified forms in the B2B sector.
Please contact me for more information and we can create a perfect solution for you and your team.



Higher satisfaction of your employees

Movement and mental health programs show that you value your employees beyond their work performance.


A higher individual well-being of your employees

Movement as well as mindfulness for the personal environment and oneself inevitably increases personal well-being.


An improved performance of your employees

If we are rested and feel good mentally and physically, we can get much more out of ourselves.

Movement Coaches Summit, Personal Training, Group Training, Workshops, Online Coaching, Mentorship Program, The ComMOVEity, B2B Solutions, Winter & Summer Camps.

Daniel Peters

Ottenser Haupstraße 46

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