Hello, and welcome to daniel's project.

"Through my work, I am helping people to create a more active and meaningful life by reshaping their own narratives and exploring the boundaries of their physical and mental comfort zones."

The intent of this website is not only to share my work & teaching, but also a little about me as a human being. Hopefully, it provides some inspiration or sparks an interest for work in the future.

- Daniel

Story of daniel's project

My name is Daniel Peters and I was born at the seaside in the north of Germany.

After playing semi-professional football for almost 15 years, followed by a few years of Calisthenics, I got caught up in the movement world, in which I am now present & practicing for more than three years. The approach of being more of a generalist than a specialist also carried over into my studies. After finishing my Process Engineering degree in early 2020, I once more realized that there is not "one" thing life. Everything is interconnected, underlying principles unite the fields of movement, philosophy and other self-development practices, which form the bedrock of daniel's project - creating a meaningful life. 

On the physical side of things, my work is inspired from my interest and practices in fields such as acrobatics, dance, strength training, Parkour, juggling, handbalancing, flexibility and more. Of course, there is a lot more than just the physical practice (see Philosophy). My teaching is also based on meditation, breath work, ice bathing, different forms of nutrition, playful concepts, pedagogy, stress management and building resilience.

However, the work goes beyond the obvious: especially aspects like experienced based learning, exploring oneself, frustration management, building patience and creating awareness are essential parts of my methodology. 

The almost infinite number of possibilities to learn and grow is what fascinates me and that is why my work and my teaching remains dynamic. Independently, I am constantly educating myself, be it through books, podcasts, seminars, workshops or through the exchange with teachers and people who inspire me.


If you are interested in my work & teaching or anything else related to me as a person, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Also, I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities - let's connect.

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